Town Star by Gala


Game Developer: Gala Gaming LLC
Date/Year of Publishing: TBA
Status: Private Beta Testing Phase

Recommendation:  Joining is highly recommended especially if you're into crypto coins. This game is still in beta - that means, if you join now, you will have certain privileges for being an early player. 



Town Star is a town building strategy game similar to Farmville, but unlike Farmville, Town Star is a blockchain game.  The crypto coin being used here at the moment is Gala coins (Ethereum-Based coin) but soon players will have the ability to mine BoxCoins, the premium in-game crypto.

ON-GOING PROMO >> Get 100 Gala Coins when you sign-up and play the game. Gala coins can be traded (at Bitrue) for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others. Be among the weekly top 100 players and win more Gala Coins. :)   

NOTE: Weekly winter competition is on-going this December 2020.  Up to $200 worth of Ethereum to be won plus thousands of special game tokens or NFTs to be given away. Scroll down below for details.

Town Star Game Graphic InterfaceAnimated

The game is "relax" - you don't have to kill or protect your town from looters. Game stops when your browser is not active, so you can do your chores without worrying like if your warehouse is full or if you need to sell products.

The game is really engaging and if you're really into building games, you will play it and will continue to play it even without the crypto coin rewards. You don't need to download/install anything as it is a browser game.  You can play using any device (PC, laptop, tablet, or phone).

Remember, the game is still in private beta so if you join now, you will become one of the early players - and if you're a gamer, you know that getting early in the game has many advantages.  

Click here to join Gala and Play Town Star


Scroll below to learn more about the game (and the Winter competition). :) 

The game is being developed by Gala Gaming and in order to access the game, you will need to register a free Gala account. Link to the game (and future games) will be accessible from there.

By becoming an early Gala member, you get to:

  • Become a part of a game that is owned by players.
  • Receive a welcome bonus in the form of Gala coins. (Note: It will be credited to your account after playing 3 games, this is to prevent abuse of the rewarding system.) 
  • Earn crypto rewards or in-game items (if you're among the top players).
  • Early access to Gala's future games.
  • Own a Town Star Beta Key (Limited Supply).

(Limited Supply)

Ways to earn cryptos here:

  • Earn 100 Gala coins just by joining Gala and playing the game. 
  • Refer your friends. (Get 100 Gala coins for every friend that joins and plays Town Star.)
  • Become one of the top players and win up to 20,000 Gala Coins weekly.
  • Mine premium in-game coins (coming soon)
  • Create, buy & sell NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
  • And more.

Aside from the above benefits, you also get to help the game developers by spotting game errors or by suggesting ideas to improve the game.  And on top of it all - you get to be a part of this exciting new blockchain game revolution being lead by Gala Gaming network.

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Up to $200 worth of Ethereum to be won plus thousands of special tokens to be given away!
To join the competition, just register your free Gala Games account, click the "Play TownStar" link and join the WINTER SERVER.

1st Week - Ended
2nd Week - Ended
3rd Week - Dec. 15 to 21, 2020
4th & Final Week - Dec. 22 to 27, 2020 

Click here to join Gala and Play Town Star



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